A.M. Franklin Mission Statement

To provide brokers, agents and consultants with an array of group medical / dental, stop loss products and services that will be valued by them and their clients in controlling the high cost of employer sponsored medical / dental programs. We will continue to develop new products and health management tools in our quest for perfection.

We value long term relationships with our producers and clients. Integrity is the cornerstone of our business.

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A.M. Franklin Risk Management Solutions is a HIPAA-friendly company and a responsible HIPAA Business Associate. We integrate completely with your HIPAA compliance efforts because we've taken
the necessary steps to help keep your patient data safe.

We have a company-wide HIPAA Business Associate Policy to set data protection standards and guide employee behavior.
We understand our contractual and ethical obligations that derive from our Business Associate contracts and the HIPAA regulations.
We train employees on the basics of HIPAA and how to protect confidential data.
We test employees after HIPAA training to ensure they learn what they need to know.
We provide HIPAA awareness tolls to our employees.
We provide HIPAA credentials and identification cards to employees.